ZNGS Prometey
Building main oil and gas pipelines and industrial facilities since 1958
Record experience
8 511 km
Pipelines built: gas pipelines, oil pipelines, water pipelines
63 years
Experience since 1958
Facilities built
One of the largest fleets of equipment and machinery
Welding Equipment
Pipe layers
Excavators and bulldozers
22 000
Areas of base for equipment repair and training, m2
We participated in the following projects:
Oil pipeline of the Vostok-Oil project
The pipeline runs from the Payakha pumping station to the port of Sever Bay (Taimyr Peninsula, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia).
The oil pipeline is part of a project for oil production in the Far North of the Russian Federation, which includes, in addition to field development and the construction of oil treatment facilities, the construction of 2 sea ports, 3 airfields, 2 GW power generation facilities, as well as building logistics in the conditions of the Arctic North.

Length: 400 km.
Diameter: 800 mm.
Capacity: 115 million tons/year.
Gas pipeline "Yamal-Europe"
Trans-national main export gas pipeline. It connects gas fields in the north of Western Siberia with consumers in Europe. It passes through the territory of Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany.

Length:: ≈ 2000 km.
Diameter: 1420 mm.
Capacity: 32,9 billion m³/year.
Gas Pipeline "Blue Stream"
The Blue Stream is a gas pipeline between Russia and Turkey, laid along the bottom of the Black Sea from the Russian Black Sea coast to the Asian territory of the Turkish Black Sea coast.

Length: 1213 km.
Diameter: 1400/1200/610 mm.
19 billion m³/year.
Oil Pipeline "Baltic Pipeline System"
The Baltic Pipeline System (BPS) is a system of oil pipelines connecting oil fields of the Timan-Pechora, West Siberian and Ural-Volga regions with the seaport of Primorsk.

Length: 454 km.
Diameter: 1067 mm.
Capacity: 74 mln tons/year.
Gas pipeline "SRTO-Torzhok"
The gas pipeline "Northern regions of the Tyumen region (SRTO in Rus.) - Torzhok" was built to transport gas from the Nadym-Pur-Taz region. The main goal is to increase gas supplies to consumers in the North-Western region of Russia, as well as to ensure export deliveries through the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline.

Length: 2200 km.
Diameter: 1420 mm.
Capacity: 20,5–28,5 billion m³/year.
Oil pipeline NPS "Unecha" - Oil depot "Ust-Luga"
The system of main oil pipelines, which made it possible to connect the Druzhba oil pipeline with Russian seaports on the Baltic Sea along the Unecha-Andreapol-Ust-Luga route. The system was launched on March 23, 2012. The total project cost is estimated at $ 2 billion.

Length: ≈1300 km.
Diameter: 1067 mm.
Capacity: 30/50 mln tons/year.
Gas Pipeline "South Corridor"
The Southern Corridor is a Russian gas pipeline system designed to deliver gas from the north of Russia to the south past Ukrainian territory. It is designed to increase gas supply to the center and south of the European part of Russia, to ensure gas supply to the Turkish Stream (originally South Stream), Blue Stream and gas pipelines to Azerbaijan.

Length: 2446 km.
Diameter: 700 -1400 mm.
Capacity: 63 billion m³/year.
ZNGS Prometey - gurantee of assurance
High quality:
- guaranteed by use of welding equipment CRC-Evans, Lincoln, Innershield.
- the quality management system is certified:
--- ISO-9001 : 2015,
--- ISO-14001 : 2015,
--- ISO-45001 : 2018.

Own welder training and certification center:
- training base for welders in Tambov (equipment repair base)

Huge production capabilities:
- 100 km / year of pipes with diameters of 1220 - 1420 mm
- 500 km / year of low pressure pipes / polyethylene pipes
Moscow office:

Address: 121099, Russia, Moscow, Novinsky Boulevard, bld. 3c1
Training Center:
Base of Tambov:
- training, certification authority
- equipment/machine repair base
Address: Tambov region, Rasskazovo, Industrial street 4